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Booth Tracker, the premier booth rental management software designed to streamline the management of Tradeshows, Event Planners, Exhibitions etc.provides a color-coded dynamic floor plan & web interface for exhibitors to rent or reserve booths online. Booth Tracker streamlines your business processes and assists in the effective management of organizing shows or events by reducing costs, increasing revenue and improving customer service.

Booth Tracker encompasses the following features:

  • Arrange, Identify the location and rent booths using dynamic graphical color coded Floor Plan
  • Ability to create Multiple Floor Plans and option to define buildings and other rental office
  • Highly flexible pricing for booths and Other Items
  • Option for defining ‘Other’ items, such as: tables, electric etc.
  • Book or Reserve booths and other items for multiple shows in a single invoice
  • E-Mail acknowledgement will be sent to the corresponding exhibitor after booth is booked/reserved
  • Advanced keyword search for exhibitors by Name, Booth#, Product and category
  • Ability to issue exhibitor/ attendee/ staff badges
  • Ability to check-in exhibitors at the gate/ registration desk
  • Option to reprint rental receipts and send reminders to Exhibitors
  • Track Available booths, past balance dues, Exhibitory history etc.
  • Interfaces with accounting applications such as Quick Books
  • View a map of your market using the color-coded graphical market layout function that enables you to rent available spaces and also helps you to see the category of the product the vendor is selling

Booth Tracker provides the following benefits:

  • Advanced point and click floor plan management
  • Wide array of options to customize your show using powerful trade show administration modules
  • Tradeshow organizers can easily manage show information at fingertips by using state of the art technology
  • Maintains real-time and complete listing of all exhibitors/attendees in the trade show
Web Rental

A web-based rent renewal system that allows exhibitors to rent or renew

Booth Tracker encompasses the following features:

  • Exhibitors can rent or renew their booths over the Internet and charge the rent to a credit card. Exhibitors can rent or renew their bookings over the Internet by charging the rent to a credit card or pay through a check
  • Exhibitors can see a birds eye view of the floor plan to view details online and select their preferred spaces
  • Option to print a rental receipt and receive an e-mail acknowledgement for rentals or renewals
  • Tradeshow Managers and Exhibitors can keep track of payments made by generating an online transactions report
  • Ability to remotely track rented and available spaces, late renewals, past due balances, space history etc.
  • Businesses can utilize the Web Rental screens for announcing specialpromotions, advertisements, sponsorship opportunities etc.
  • Can be accessed by exhibitors and tradeshow organizers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Simple and easy-to-use screens
  • Tradeshow organizers can keep themselves updated on the latest bookings, revenue collected, space availability etc.
  • Rental and Renewal over the Internet leads to reduction in labor costs and faster renewal of spaces
  • Improves cash collection by allowing vendors to pay online for past due balances