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We build strategic client relationships, with a proven track record of delivering superior customer service, and the business we receive because of existing client referrals is proof of this. Please read our client testimonials to hear what they have to say about us.

Kobey's Flea Market

"Making the transition from a home grown system to a new application is never an easy decision. Although, we were aware of the Booth Tracker program for a long time, we desisted to switch for many years as we were well versed with our in-house developed system and our staff was comfortable with it, despite many limitations. Nevertheless, we had always kept our eye on the Booth Tracker program and have seen them constantly grow over the years with addition of various new features and introduction of several modules, which assured us that they are in sync with the evolving trends in the flea market/swap meet industry. We finally decided that it was time to make the change and went ahead with implementing the Booth Tracker program. Having used the program for some time now, the management team as well as our staff are glad that we made the decision to switch, as Booth Tracker has helped us to get rid of some of the manual processes that we had in place during our old system and helped us go paperless on the way we now rent spaces to our vendors. With the issue of vendor ID cards, we are able to electronically record all space rental transactions or vendor check-ins and completely stopped issuing paper receipts to our vendors. We are impressed with the rich functionality that Booth Tracker offers and with the professional approach of the team to accommodate some major changes in the program to meet our unique requirements. We are also extremely happy with the customer support services provided by the Booth Tracker team, which is available 7 days a week."

Chuck Pretto
Vice President & Counsel of Kobey's Swap Meet, CA


"E-SoftSys provided us with outstanding service on every occasion and their Booth Tracker product is of excellent value. The functionality and flexibility of the Booth Tracker software have satisfied all of our needs. Booth Tracker software program has saved us lot of time and increased the operating efficiency of our business significantly. In additions, it help to provide the systems and controls to insure rental charges and payments are being accounted for. I am very pleased with the quality and responsiveness of their customer support, which is available 7 days a week. I will be happy to recommend Booth Tracker to other flea markets and Trade Show Promoters."

Gerry Bashore
General Manager of Renningers Markets

Seven Mile Fair

"I did not realize what we were missing until we implemented Booth Tracker. I wish we had implemented Booth Tracker years ago. I am highly impressed with the rich features that Booth Tracker has to offer such as quick and easy daily rentals at the gate by scanning vendor's drivers license, check in function for reserved vendors, thermal receipts printing, multi period discounts, color coded graphical layout, various management reports etc. We were live on Booth Tracker with in three weeks of signing the agreement. E-SoftSys quickly converted over 1800 vendors from our legacy DOS system and performed custom modifications with in a short period of time to meet some of our unique requirements. E-SoftSys project team did an excellent job with the onsite installation, training and implementation support. We are also pleased with the quality and responsiveness of their customer support, which is available 7 days a week. With the implementation of Booth Tracker, we have improved our service to vendors, we have better control on our rental process and are able to perform end of day reconciliation by work station very quickly."

Mr. Scott Niles
Owner and CEO of 7 Mile Fair

Broad Acres

"We have been using Booth Tracker at two of our swap meets Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet and Cypress College Swap Meet in California for the past few years and are very happy with the customer support and constant product enhancements that we receive at least once a year, including the recent conversion to the SQL Server version that has improved the performance drastically. We inherited a custom developed legacy system when we acquired Broad acres Swap Meet two years ago. Our legacy system was not only based on old technology but also we relied on a single programmer for maintenance and support. The major benefit with Booth Tracker is that it uses new technology and is backed up by a company that has a large team of programmers and support analysts who not only provide prompt support 7 days a week but also provide ongoing product enhancements, developed based on customer feedback. Within a few weeks of signing the agreement, we were up and running on Booth Tracker and the whole conversion process was smooth and the E-SoftSys implementation team was very professional. We look forward to a continued mutually beneficial and long term relationship with Booth Tracker."

Greg Danz
Managing Member of Broadacres Open Air Marketplace
LLC and Director at Newport Diversified