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BT Text Messenger

Improve Cash Flow with Timely Alerts on Space Renewals and Payment Reminders to Your Vendors!

  • Send Reservation Renewal text alerts to vendors with Weekly or Monthly reservations with a link to renew their spaces online
  • Send Past Due text alerts to vendors with the balance due with a link to make online payment
  • Ability to send custom text messages such as Additional Market Days, Holiday greetings, Weather alerts etc.
  • Option to define the number of days in advance each alert should be sent
  • Log every text message sent under the Notes section of the Vendor module in Booth Tracker
  • Ability for vendors to opt-out from receiving any SMS alerts
  • Provides valuable analytics such as the number of messages sent for a range of dates, Online Payments received as a result of text messages sent
  • Automates your Reservation Renewal reminder notification process
  • Automates your Past-Due payment notification process
  • Easy to setup and implement
  • Tight integration with Booth Tracker
  • Improves vendor service by alerting vendors in a timely manner
  • Makes it easier for vendors to quickly renew their spaces by clicking on the Renewal link
  • Improves Cash Flow through higher conversion rates compared to email, direct mail orphone calls
  • Ability to generate reports on SMS Sent, SMS Undelivered etc.