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Android Market Walkthrough

Are you using a manual process to track vendors selling counterfeit products or violating the flea market rules?

Wish you had a better system that provides immediate proof that you have proper processes in place to track vendors selling counterfeit items?

Wish you had an option to impose immediate fines on vendors who violate flea market rules?

Is your market’s reputation at risk and are you exposed to potential lawsuits due to a few vendors selling counterfeit items?

Vendor checkin software

E-SoftSys, based on feedback from flea market owners and managers has come up with yet another innovative solution - the Android Market Walkthrough module for legal compliance and vendor audit.

  • Ability to do a market walkthrough using an Android tablet and capture required information of vendors selling counterfeit items or vendors violating flea market rules
  • Enter notes and attach pictures related to vendors selling counterfeit items or violating any flea market rules
  • Maintain complete history of vendor violations
  • Updates the Booth Tracker Database on a real time basis
Vendor Notes
Once you complete the Market Walkthrough using the Tablet, you will be able to track violation notices issued to vendors for selling counterfeit items or violating the flea market rules using the Vendor Notes section of the Vendor Maintenance function in Booth Tracker. Notes entered during walkthrough will be shown in the Vendor Notes grid along with the pictures, action taken and time stamp.
Market Walkthorugh & Reports
Fineable Vendors List can be generated to identify vendors who were fined for the selected market date. Vendor Violation List can be printed at any time either in summary format or detailed format from Booth Tracker as of a specific date. This report can be filtered by the type of Violation or by vendor. Market Walkthrough reports eliminate the need to keep track of vendor incidents manually and reinforces the market’s commitment to discourage vendors from selling counterfeit items.