Management Software for flea markets, trade shows and swap meets Booth Tracker- Flea Market Management software
Flea Market software- Booth Tracker
Flea Market Booth Management Software
Booth Management Software National Flea Market Association
What is Booth Tracker ?
Booth Tracker is a reservation system designed to automate the process of renting of booths or spaces in Flea Markets, Trade Shows, Indoor Markets, Event and Exhibition Management, Antique Malls, Swap Meets and similar businesses.
How is this system useful to me?
Any business that runs on the operational ideology of renting of spaces will find this system useful in the effective and efficient management of space rental activities. To find out more on how the system will be useful to your needs, click here ...
What flexibility does the system offer?
The important functional aspects such as weekly days of operation, number of days of advanced booking allowed, number of months a booth can be booked at a stretch, rental charges and week day surcharges for daily and monthly bookings etc. have been parameterized to allow for flexibility in operation of the business
What if I desire additional features to be available in the system?
The product can be customized and tailor-made as per the requirements of the customers and the desired features provided to suit their operating principle.
In case you have any questions regarding the product, feel free to contact us. We will only be too glad to attend to them. Contact us today !
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